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EBU Access Cast

Jul 23, 2018

Welcome to the third episode of the Ebu Access Cast, our official podcast from EBU about assistive technology for blind and partially sighted population across the Europe. In our final episode before the summer break Jakob Rosin and Mario Percinic are joined by Bart Simons from Belgium as our third member of the team who gave us one more opinion opinion about the upcoming stories which we prepared for you this time.


Apple Developing Device and Wearable to Help Deaf and Blind Travelers

How Android Phone Users Can Send Text Messages from Any Computer

Portugal First in EU to Include Braille on Passports

TalkBack App Renamed to Android Accessibility Suite in Recent Update

Using AI to empower people with disabilities


Last but not least, Mario gave us a short demonstration of "ACUSTICA - The Swiss Watch for all senses". You can checkout more information about the watch and how to purchase it from their official web site.


For any comments and the suggestions you can write to us on or send us a Tweet on our official Twitter. We are looking forward to being back with many news and updates in September.