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EBU Access Cast

Sep 20, 2018

Welcome to our newest episode of the Ebu Access Cast. After very hot summer, our team is back with the newest news reports from the assistive tech industry. However before we get into the newest updates we would like to notify our listeners that from now on our podcast is available on the iTunes as well, so anyone who is using their favourite Apple gadget or smart speaker such as Google Home is finally able to hear us and listen to our show when and where ever you want. To find us on the iTunes you can visit the following link:


On September 12th, Apple had their 2018 event where many news about new Apple devices were announced. Besides launch of new hardware products, we also saw new update for the iOS 12, which brings new accessibility improvements. Jakob for this episode told us about what’s new for the Voice Over users, and here is the full list of the accessibility features expected for this release. You can also visit the newest The Blind Side podcast to hear recap of the newest Apple event with the accessibility prospective in mind.


While we recorded our last episode we announced the release of NVDA 2018 3RC3 which was last release candidate version before the official 2018.3 version. Highlights of this release include automatic detection of many Braille displays, support for new Windows 10 features including the Windows 10 Emoji input panel, and many other bug fixes. However just as we prepared our shownotes for this episode we discovered that day ago official 2018.3.1 officially got released, so if you want to grab it go here and download it.


On September 23rd, European Web accessibility directive will officially become new standard in Europe for public sector web sites. Therefor-new WCAG 2.1 guidelines are starting to be adopted across Europe. Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote an excellent article about it which you can read it here.


Since we can’t finish the episode without the review of some assistive tech products, this time Bart told us the news and his opinion about the Dot watch, which represents the first smart watch equipped with Braille, sells instead of the typical talking watch environment for blind people.

As always we are always opened for the comments and suggestions from you, so if you want to drop us anything interesting including something we missed out you can contact us thru our Twitter or send us email on