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EBU Access Cast

May 2, 2019

Welcome to the 10th EBU Access Cast. We are extremely happy that our podcast reached the 10th Episode so far, and we hope that we will keep you interested in the future as well. For you this time Mario, Jakob and Tanja prepared lots of goodies and Bart was very busy with preparing 3 nice interviews which you can listen in the second half of this Episode. But before the interviews, let's check what's new in the news Section.

Next month many Europeans will vote on the European elections. However when we talk about persons with dissabilities, we have to make sure that the voting system in each countrey is accessible so we can participate in the elections as everyone else. Jakob, Mario, Tanja and Bart share their experiences about it from their perspective, and we are also bringing to you further links in the shownotes about this particular topic:

Last month in our previous episode, we covered the European Accessibility Act which in the meantime was adopted by the European Council.

Next week, some of us will visit Sight City, the biggest exhibition for assistive tech products in Europe, and we hope to bring you nice interviews from there. Click here to know more about Sight City.

Bart prepared 3 interviews for us this time:

We are always happy to receive new contributions and suggestions from you, so if you got any comments or suggestions for us, contact us thru our e-mail link or send us a tweet on the Ebuaccesscast Twitter.