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EBU Access Cast

Sep 23, 2019

Welcome to the 14th EBU AccessCast! (September 2019)

After our summer holidays Mario, Tanja, Bart and Pawel are back with you and as always, we have quite a lot to say for this month.

Bart got himself a new pair of Bose frames which represent the alternative to the well-known aftershockz boan conduction headset, and he shared his Short Review on them.

Mario also bought a new tuner for string instruments, called Roadie Bass. The tuner is very accessible for partially sighted community as well as blind musicians, because the end user is able to make all the presets thru an app on the phone, and then sync all the settings with the tuner via bluetooth.

After the settings are synced, all you have to do is turn on the tuner, choose your setting for the particular Instrument, and the robotic part will automatically tune each of the strings on the Instrument in very Short time.

In the news Section we prepared the following for you:

Apple just released a bunch of their new products including new iPhones 11, Applewatch 5, new Ipads and news for gamers as well as new subscriptions for Apple arcade. Applevis made nice recap of the eventwhich you can find on the following page.

The LEGO Group to pilot LEGO® Audio & Braille instructions

To hear more about Matthew Shifrin, main person behind the Lego braille instructions project, watch the following presentation from Ted Talks.

Audio described content plays a big role in the life of blind or partially sighted people. Therefore this time we found 2 different very similar topics launched in different parts of the world which are working thru todays most used Video platform in the world. Sure enough, we are talking about Youtube. You Describe platform collects audio described Youtube videos made by volunteers

In the Nederlands provides a very similar Service as youdescribe platform, available for Dutch blind users.

New OCR and object recognition free Android app called Speak! Started to gain a lot of attention from the community, We are bringing you the demo of the app at the end of the  podcast so if you are the Android user this is definitely a nice app to have on your smartphone since it has many functionalities of the Seeing AI which is for now available only for iOS users.

EBU published a report on 'Most frequent problems experienced by blind and partially sighted persons when travelling by planes which we are sharing with you and we hope that you will share it further.

If you are planning to travel and in the same time you have some kind of disability, than check out the Accessible travelling guide from Lonely Planet.

Last but not least, check out the page about new plans for new European disability strategy which is starting from 2020, and will last for the next 10 years. Therefore you have the time until the October 23rd to write your Opinion what can be improved to make our life better across whole European Union.

At the end Mario prepared for you the demo of the mentioned Speak app which you can listen to. At the end Mario prepared for you the demo of the above-mentioned Speak app which you can listen, and comment. If you have any Feedback for us, send us your suggestions or other questions, via our Twitter page or e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.