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EBU Access Cast

Jul 29, 2020

Wellcome to the 24th episode of the Ebu Access Cast. If you are following u our  Twitter account you probably noticed that last month was unusually busy for us, because we were looking for new contributors for our podcast. After a set of interviews and selection of the Vacancies which we received from you, we are slowly starting to introduce new members of our expanded team. This time for you Xavier Ciscar and David Ciscar from Barcelona join us for almost 2 hours of very cool debate and exchange of opinions about the news from assistive tech industry. We prepared for you something really special at the end of the show, and that is the exclusive demo of Miele WDD 131 Guideline washing machine which is accessible to blind people. A special Thanks goes to Tanja Kleut who prepared very nice demo of the product.

We would like to remind you that from the previous Episode our podcast Comes with the transcript, so if you have any problems with getting our audio content, you are more than wellcome to read thru it.


WWDC20 is behind us, therefore we are bringing to you the news from New Apple accessibility features coming this fall which will make technology usable

and more accessible to all


Twitter Is Coming Out with Audio Tweets on iOS and they announced new API which might bring back many features which Twitter took away 2 years ago.


Chrome/Chrome OS Accessibility Version 83 Release Notes showed up on the internet as well, but if you in the mean time got version 84, don't worry, Google is just very quick with their Chrome releases.


Accessibility changes in the latest Firefox are bringing many improvements to screen reader users as well.


Unfortunately the future isn't so bright for the AR projects for the Moment, because we found out that Bose Shuts Down Sound Project.


If you like Computer and Video games, you will be very happy to know that Naughty Dog Makes PlayStation Game Accessible.


If you are curious to know when new Android 11 comes out, than we got  possible spoiler for you because, Google may release the stable Android 11 update on September 8th which will bring up many new accessibility improvements.


There are new releases for both NVDA (2020.2 ) and JAWS (the June



In case you didn't know Whatsapp became much more integrated with Google assistant, so this time for you we bring you the tip which is explaining How to make a WhatsApp voice or video call with Google Assistant


At the end you can listen to the demo of Miele WDD131 washing machine, which Tanja prepared for us and for you.

If you would like to give us any kind of Feedback we are available as always on out Twitter and email. We will go on a month of vacation and will be back with you in September, so till than, stay safe and take care.