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EBU Access Cast

May 15, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of the EbuAccessCast, an official podcast from EBU which talks about assistive technology for blind and partially sighted people across Europe. Our hosts today in the first episode, Mario Percinic and Jakob Rosin, introduce themselves and then later talk about few things which occurred during last week in the mainstream tech portals as well as a few others which happened in the assistive tech industry.

In the news:

Google's Lookout will help the blind navigate their environment

Mario and Jakob talk briefly about the description of the Lookout app and share their opinion about it.
AppleVis has launched their 2018 edition of the iOS App Hall of Fame for which you can vote here, and Jakob talks briefly about the Nominees
Google assistant books restaurants and hair salons for you:
In future episodes we look forward to bringing you the interviews from the makers of the assistive tech products from all around the globe and the reviews about the gadgets which we tested personally so we can tell you how good and accessible they are. Also we are open for suggestions and submissions about the product reviews from the other users. If you want to contact us, you can send us email on or check out our EbuaccessCast twitter.