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EBU Access Cast

Feb 21, 2019

Wellcome to the 8th episode of the Ebu Access Cast. This time Mario, Jakob, Bart and Tanja prepared lots of goodies for you from the news section, and we achieved our own personal record in amount of demos prepared for our podcast. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mr. Daniel Montalvo who send to us 2 demos about amazon Echo which we are publishing in this episode, and you can hear also the demo about Google Interpreter at the end of this podcast. But first, let's see what do we have in stock from the news section:

Vispero group prepared for us new January update for Jaws 2019, and here you can see What's new in the newest update:

Mario informed the listeners that NVDA 2019.1 is being in development and which changes can be expected in the official release. If you would like to test the newest NVDA releases head over to their Snapshots page and download your copy. However be prepared that their snapshot releases are being updated on the daily bases and that the code can be sometimes unstable, but that is always the case with beta software packages. We warned you in advance, so if something gets broken on your machine, don't blame us 😊

Google interpreter finally became available around the globe, and therefor Mario and Tanja prepared the demo of it which you can hear right at the end of this episode.

If you don't know what is google interpreter mode check out the following link:

New image recognition extention called Auto Alt Text is out for some time and it supports Google Chrome browser. Tanja and  Jakob tested the extension and they gave us their opinion about it..

EBU started its Silent Cars Campaign a decade ago and pushed for Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS) to protect blind and partially sighted pedestrians from unwanted accidents with electric vehicles (See also the EBU Q&A on AVAS).  While on one hand the electric cars are much better alternative for our echological environment, the absence of the noise in the electric cars makes a huge safety problem for our population. Therefor all of us gave our thumbs up to the this EBU campaign and we express our opinions about it. We are bringing to you a few more articles about the same subject, such as the Ted Talk from Renzo Vitale one of the inventors who made its own electric car sound machines, and another article where new pedestrian noise makers are spotted in new Tesla 3 models.

 Also if you would like to give us your thoughts about the particular subject drop us an e-mail and we will share it in the next episodes.

Unfortunately website inaccessibility can appear everywhere, and so it can be the case with your favorite pop artists.

 Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment Sued Over Website Accessibility

Microsoft has something really interesting in their store for young blind and partialy sighted kids who would like to get into programing:

 With Code Jumper, experts look to jumpstart computer science interest for kids who are blind

After all the news which we got for you, it is the right time for Demo time, or better to say Demo times, since this time we bring you 3 demos about Amazon Echo and Google Interpreter. We hope tht you liked them as much as we did. We are looking forward to be back with you next month, and don't forget to send us your thoughts about the subjects, as well as new suggestions and possible demos of the products which we didn't cover so far.