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EBU Access Cast

Dec 13, 2020

Wellcome to the transcribed 27th EbuAccessCast! This episode is the last for 2020, so we prepared nice Goodies for you this time, and we got some new faces in the show as well.


NEW Android Talkback Update (2020): Multi Finger Gestures

Google officially came out with Android 11 about 2 months ago but if you look at the official help pages from Google Accessibility Suite, you will not find anything about new multi fingered gestures, which we think is total shame for Google since this is really a huge forward for android accessibility. However young enthusiasts from Liveaccessible site compiled all the list of multi fingered gestures and they published it on their web site including very nice Youtube presentation. Again, double shame for Google.


Tanja discovered a huge bug in Zoom which is so far undocumented and which appears only if you use screen readers with it. Basically Zoom chrashes if you try to use virtual backround when running JAWS or NVDA, and once the crash appears, it is not visible on the screen for anybody. Tanja also prepared a short demo presentation so everyone can hear it what’s going on. If you encounter the same while using virtual backround with screen readers, inform Zoom about it so we get the bugfix soon.


Microsoft Teams should have Slack and Zoom on alert with its latest update

Yeah that's right, Teams is pushing forward very much and it is very accessible, even more than Zoom from Mario’s opinion and Microsoft just added the possibility of using your private Microsoft account with it.


Google is coming out with a new interesting thing called Project Guideline

If you are into sports, or better to say running specifically, this piece of news will be very much interesting for you.

There is also a video about the project which shows what's exactly going on. Again, unfortunately not audio described, even though it is related to blind people directly. Again we think that Google should really better promote its products and build better structure when accessibility is included.


This Device Lets Blind Women Take Pregnancy Tests in Privacy

All of us who are in the team of EEBU Access Cast think that this is a great step forward for raising awareness about the rights of blind women, and we support the idea 100%. Let’s hope that in the not far future we will start to see Pregnancy Tests as a standard offers in every pharmacy!


Playstation 5 decided to surprise all the gamers with accessibility news: They have expanded their screen reader to support the most wide-spread European languages, there is also now an accessible first-time running wizard that lets you pick the accessibility options you need and your preferences carry across all of the experience so if you tick a need for audiodescription in the settings, you'll get it everywhere it's available E.G> in games, on Netflix etc.

If you’re wondering how it sounds in a real demonstration, than check out the following youtube video.


A new interesting product called envision Glasses just started to hit the market. Thankfully to our listeners we got a very nice demo contribution from MR. Benjamin Hofer from Germany.


2020, was quite ruff year for all of us, but we were able to go thru it, and therefore we will be back with you in 2021 even better than we were so far. So, in the name of whole crew we wish you safe and healthy holidays, stay safe, and send us comments and suggestions on our email and Twitter when ever you have the time!